Web Design

What’s the first thing you do when you’re looking for information?

I build affordable, results driven websites.

My number one goal is to give business owners the opportunity to have a professional website that not only looks great but brings results, and all at an affordable price.

I’m not here to throw you a website together as fast as I can like many agencies will, I’m here to build you an online platform that backs your brand, and provides a solid stepping stone for you to drive more business online. Made By Meg helps you assemble all the assets you need to push business online, and having an online platform to do that is your first step. All of the MBM websites are fully customised to your business and brand, and we go through a detailed initial consultation before I get started!

Some of the sites I’ve had the pleasure of building!

I’ll get your shiny new website live for you, without all the headaches and complications.

The Important Bits

Honesty Is The Best Policy

As I mentioned before, I don’t tend to just ‘throw a website together’ with the information you tell me. You also get my design and customer journey experience skills too. I come from a marketing strategy background, which I have been previously contracted in to do work for some of the UK’s largest events companies. It’s not just about design!  I will let you know when what you want is not best for your website or customer. A website needs to perform and look great, so I tend to stay away from things that are going to counter-act results.


On another note, if I think your brief is more suited for an agency, I’ll tell you. And I’ll recommend agencies I trust. 🙂

You Own Everything!

I won’t lock you into any contracts or tie you to any particular service – that’s up to you! When it comes to setting up your domain, hosting and SSL, I’ll support but ensure you fully own everything.

Websites That Don't Break The Bank

That’s not what I’m here to do. I don’t have the same overheads as an agency does, so my prices can stay fair and affordable while also reflect the value and service you will receive (I plan to keep it this way). 

The Best Web Platform For SMB's

The majority of my website builds for clients are built using WordPress CMS, a perfect solution for small-medium sized businesses who want a website that looks fantastic and performs as it should. WordPress is the engine and foundations of my websites, but the look, feel and layout of the site is 100% customisable. Once created, WP allows users to edit almost any aspect of the website from any device – no downloads, no special CMS, no apps, nothing. And for businesses with a team, user access to only certain areas of the site when and where required is an option.

I Know Your Busy

I need you at the very beginning as we go through the initial consultation, and at the very end when it comes to reviewing and launching your brand new website. All of the rest I’ll take care of! 

I Provide Aftercare (Completely Optional)

Once your new website goes live, you may want someone keeping an eye on it or even making updates to it (especially if you will be running an online shop, uploading portfolios/case studies or adding blogs and content etc). Every website requires a degree of TLC and maintenance.


My Website Support and Maintenance package is very popular, but entirely optional. Within this package I ensure the tech that operates your site is kept up to date each month, and your website remains secure. This package also includes up to 2 hours worth of updates per month entirely free. Details available on request.

A ‘done for you’ approach..

I’ll get your shiny new website live for you, without all the headaches and complications.

Lead Generation Website

Looking to generate leads and enquiries?

Online Booking Website

Take bookings online and get rid of all the admin!

Membership Website

A website with an additional hidden zone for members only

E-Commerce Website

Sell and take payment for physical or digital products online

Ready for your own website?

Let me know what you’re looking for!