Megan Burns

What's the first thing you do when you want to find out information about a service or business?

I build affordable, results driven websites.

My number one goal is to give business owners the opportunity to have a professional website that not only looks great but brings results, and all at an affordable price.

I’m not here to throw you a website together as fast as I can like many agencies will, I’m here to build you an online platform that backs your brand, and provides a solid stepping stone for you to drive more business online. Marketing With Meg helps you assemble all the assets you need to push business online, and having an online platform to do that is your first step. All of my websites are fully customised to your business and brand, and we go through a detailed initial consultation before I get started!

Brochure Websites – for those who want to promote their business and provide information to a potential customer. 

Lead Generation Websites – for those who want to generate leads from interested customers.

Online Booking Websites – for those who want their website to connect or link out to a dedicated online booking platform.

Ecommerce & Membership Websites – for those who want to sell physical or digital products online.

I can give you a price straight away, as I only offer fixed rate prices based on what type of website you’re looking for. > Click here to request website brochure

I don’t have the same overheads as an agency does, so my prices can stay fair and affordable while also reflect the value, care and service you will receive.

 Every website must have a domain, hosting and SSL. These are three annual costs associated to every website. I do not provide these and so ask you purchase these yourself to ensure you have no ongoing costs tied to me and fully own everything. Don’t worry, I will help you from the very start. I even set them up for you free of charge and will provide you with more details on all of this when you request my web brochure from me!  

Outside of that, you need an idea and an end goal!

As I mentioned before, I don’t tend to just ‘throw a website together’ with the information you tell me. You also get my design and customer journey experience skills too. I come from a marketing strategy background, which I have been previously contracted in to do work for some of the UK’s largest events companies. It’s not just about design! A website needs to perform and look great, so I tend to stay away from things that are going to counter-act results.

On another note, if I think your brief is more suited for an agency, I’ll tell you. And I’ll recommend agencies I trust. 🙂

Yes. I won’t lock you into any contracts or tie you to any particular service – that’s up to you! When it comes to setting up your domain, hosting and SSL, I’ll support but ensure you fully own everything.

The majority of my website builds for clients are built using WordPress CMS, a perfect solution for small-medium sized businesses who want a website that looks fantastic and performs as it should. WordPress is the engine and foundations of my websites, but the look, feel and layout of the site is 100% customisable. Once created, WP allows users to edit almost any aspect of the website from any device – no downloads, no special CMS, no apps, nothing. 

I need you at the very beginning as we go through the initial consultation and you deliver the content, and at the very end when it comes to reviewing and launching your brand new website. All of the rest I’ll take care of! 

Yes, but this is completely optional. The project is officially complete once your new website has gone live, which means any time required beyond this point is chargeable. 

I offer a monthly ongoing support service, or you can simply request updates from me on an ADHOC basis whenever you need them. I will always quote you before carrying out the work. 

No, not directly with me. You can use my monthly service or simply ask me to carry out any updates you require on an ADHOC basis.

To ensure your website remains live, you will be required to continue annual payments for your domain, hosting and SSL provider. 


Receive your quote for a new website in less than 24 hours!

I would love to hear about your new plans for a website! I offer fixed rates for each type of web build, which means I can tell you right now my prices and what your build includes. Please contact me using the button below with any details you may find relevant and to request my website brochure.