5 Hacks To More Website Sales And More Customers

Over the past 5 years working with my clients, I’ve tried and tested lots of different strategies and methods to drive sales online for businesses selling through their website. As a web designer and online marketer, it’s my job!

Businesses are always looking to increase their online sales whether they’re generating 500k of revenue or simply not generating enough.

So, here are 5 tried and tested methods that I’ve personally used with clients that will increase your online sales through your website.

  1. Don’t Forget About Your PREVIOUS Buyers

Businesses are always looking for that ‘new’ customer – how, who, what, where. But the reality is, if they spent just a fraction of that time focusing on gaining repeat custom and creating loyal customers they could reach their goals MUCH quicker.

People who have already bought from you have experienced 90% of the customer journey. The other 10% is turning them into loyal and repeat customers. Not only are these people much easier to convince to purchase, they will also drastically reduce your cost per conversion compared to sourcing a brand new customer.

Hit your customers up 7 days after they’ve purchased and ask for a review. THEN, look at your upsell or cross-sell opportunities and create email marketing campaigns and/or Facebook ads that target these people. Make sure whatever content you’re putting infront of them is valuable – recommend products to them based on their previous purchase or offer them a limited deal with a timescale on it to give incentive to purchase.

2. Don’t Miss Out On Cart Abandonment

It happens all the time and you’ve probably done it yourself… You’ve been browsing a website and added something to your cart, only to exit the window or decide you’ll purchase later. If you’re selling online, this will 100% happen with your business too!

So, head to your Ads Manager in Facebook and set up a Custom Audience that targets those who added to cart but didn’t make a purchase the past 3 days. Then, re-target these people with an OFFER and an extra incentive to purchase. The best thing to do here is set up a coupon code they can use.

3. Increase Customer Order Sizes Through Web Design

Another method to bring in more revenue through your website is to find ways to increase the order size of your customer, rather than trying to get a larger number of customers.

Think about this similar to when you arrive at a shops till. You will find yourself surrounded by low-cost items you may just find yourself popping into your shopping trolley at the last minute. I’m certainly guilty of that, even when I know the methodology behind it!

When it comes to your website, it’s no different. Your cart and checkout pages can include additional low-cost items that your customer may just add to their cart at the last minute, therefore increasing their order size.

4. Follow The F-Pattern

The F-pattern Layout is a hugely popular design element of any website. Studies show that people naturally read the screen in an F pattern. Instead of trying to force a customers browse behaviour on your website, the F-Pattern Layout allows websites to create easy browsing experiences for users and also allows you to place specific information in certain places throughout the website.

To break it down:

Users start in the top, left corner of your website

They then scan the top of your website left to right

They move to the next line and read all the way from left to right

After this, users will scan very quickly.

Another additional tip to see how people are behaving on your website could be to install a heat map!

5. Include Social Proof Within First 3 Seconds

Social proof will give website viewers confidence to keep browsing, and instantly install a small amount of trust with the customer. Don’t be scared to shout from the rooftops about your achievements!

If you don’t have any awards, think about other ways you can create social proof for yourself. Don’t disregard it. For example, a restaurant may not have any awards but have a 5 star Trip Advisor rating, or they may have served ‘100,000 delicious meals to happy customers’

I’m here to help, so if you have any questions at all head over to my Facebook page or Instagram and drop me a message! 🙂