Website Support & Maintenance

Less Worry, More Time

Once your website is live, it will always require a level of TLC to ensure things are ticking over nicely. There’s also no better, more cost-effective, place to advertise your business than the internet.


This rolling monthly package is hugely popular, and gives all of my clients peace of mind that their website is running optimally and updates can be made to it hassle free. Within my Website Support and Maintenance package, I ensure that the tech behind your website remains up to date and I also include up to 2 hours worth of content updates entirely free each month.


You do not need to have received a web build from me in order to receive this support. I work with businesses from all over!


Here are a few examples of monthly content updates I perform for my current clients:

– Adding brochures to websites as case studies

– Ensuring Training Courses remain up to date and bookable

– Uploading blogs, articles and videos

– Updating price lists and offers

– Expanding client portfolios

Web Support & Maintenance


Technical updates every month

Up to 2 hours worth of updates per month

Monthly report



10 Benefits You Get From This Package

Ensure your website stays visually appealing


Save yourself lots of time, effort and worry!


Ensure your website remains responsive across devices


No need to worry about learning a new tech and software


Receive updates to your website within 48 hours


Keep any new content relative to SEO


Ensure easy navigation remains


Ensure your tech remains up to date and optimal


Ensure the security of your website


Ensure any integrations are managed

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