Instantly Increase Your SEO With This One Video Hack

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is a forever growing, forever changing environment. It’s a complex beast, which is why there are people who provide stand alone SEO services.

I’m not one of those people (sorry, I do know some excellent freelancers and agencies though!), however as a web designer its really important I have an understanding of it. All of my websites come with basic SEO optimisation, giving newly published websites the best possible chances of success.

There is alot of ‘nitty gritty’ involved in SEO. But there are also some really easy things you can do that will instantly assist your SEO. Not only will you rank higher on Google, you will gather more traffic and convert more customers.


Yup, it’s that simple.

Over the years, video has become a fundamental part of any marketing strategy, allowing businesses to grow online through engaging content.

Google picked up on the behaviour and trends of consumers. So, now they reward businesses who are keeping up and have a video installed on the homepage of their website. They see video as evidence of quality content, and are more than likely to keep rewarding those integrating video on their website.

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