6 Email Marketing Tips That Will See Your Engagement Rates Soar

Email marketing is hands down one of the most powerful tools for getting your message directly to your current clients and your prospective clients.


If you get it right – emails can build client relationships, encourages your audience to take action and cement you firmly in the minds of your current and prospective clients.

If you get it wrong – open rates will fall as they get ignored and deleted, or even worse the dreaded unsubscribe button might get clicked.

But crafting a compelling email that your clients are excited about is only a few easy tips away.

So let’s discuss what you can do right now, to improve your emails’ open rates, clickthrough rates, and lead generation potential.

It all comes down to 6 simple email crafting practices:

  1. Write a captivating subject line
  2. Get personal
  3. Craft compelling copy
  4. Include a clear CTA
  5. Use only relevant media
  6. Don’t be spammy – but be consistent



Write a captivating email subject line

A huge part of writing an effective email is the subject line – this is what your customers see in their inbox and what drives them to click.

You know where is great for some examples of this – your own inbox – run through it now, check out the ones you clicked and why, and see which ones you left unopened. Do you remember any that caused you to go in and find the unsubscribe button? Ask yourself why each email in your inbox performed the way it did.

A great subject line MUST grab attention and ultimately give them a reason to click.

To do this include one or more of the following things:

  • Speak to your client directly, use their name when it works
  • Use actionable language
  • Elude to what is in the message
  • Make it catchy, short, and succinct
  • Give it urgency



Get personal

As I’m sure you know we are all inundated with endless emails at all hours of the day, so if it appears generic and irrelevant it’s likely to get ignored or deleted.

Personalised emails experience 14% higher CTA than non-personalised. So just be real, and speak directly to your customer, one person to another. Use their name and make sure the email content is something that you know they would be interested in reading.

This will see improved open rates, engagement rates, and click-through. The trinity of email marketing KPIs.

Speak directly using ‘you’ and their name, and be sure to sign off with your name rather than just the company name – you can go even further by using personalised past data from the client to tailor the email to what you know they will be interested in.



Craft compelling email copy

Your email content first and foremost has got to provide value to your reader.

Otherwise, the chances of your email being deleted are pretty high. But by writing content that is helpful, informative, useful, inspiring, or entertaining can convince your reader to take action and value you and your company so much more.

There are several ways to keep your email content :

  • Keep it clear – make sure that the benefit of the message is clear immediately so they continue to read and you don’t lose their trust
  • Keep it concise – no one wants to read endless bulky paragraphs of text, keep it concise and focus on one main message. Use white space, bullet points, and headings to break up your content into sections.
  • Make it scannable – as we know attention span is normally low, 81% only skin the content they read online. So you need to capture their interest quickly and then make sure that the main points you want to get across are scannable so they don’t get missed.
  • Be consistent – As with all of your marketing efforts you need to ensure you branding is consistent both in design and tone of voice. You want your readers to recognise you not only from your logo but from your style.



Include a clear CTA

Every email you send, along with all of your marketing copy, should have a clear and compelling CTA to encourage your reader to take action.

As with all Call To Action’s it should be enticing and relevant to your reader so they can see the clear benefit that comes with the click.

Often this could include – claim an offer, sign up for a trail, add a product to your basket, or follow your social channels.

Decide what the main aim of your email is, and create the CTA around this.

And don’t forget to make it trackable so you know it came from the email.



Use only relevant media

Visual media is a fantastic way to attract and engage your readers.

Using GIFs, videos, graphics, or animations can be a great way to illustrate your message further. But – excessive use can be a real turn off not to mention can raise red flags and get your email automatically blocked.

Therefore you should use images and other graphics sparingly and don’t allow them to distract from your main message.

If you do add them make sure they are relevant and contribute to your message (like a cherry on top) but don’t rely on the images to convey the main message.



Don’t be spammy – but be consistant

Once you annoy your customers once it is very hard to come back from it.

So be sure to only send out emails in your regular schedule and if you want to send additional emails be sure that your reader will gain value from it.

Customers are very quick to ignore or delete, and pushing them over the edge could cause them to unsubscribe.

But also remember to be consistent and send emails within a schedule – you want to be regular so that you encourage your reads to look forward to the next email, however, don’t overdo it.

As scary as it sounds, make it easy for them to unsubscribe and create valuable content so they won’t ever want to. If possible offer them the option to manage their subscription to lower the number of emails they receive rather than to unsubscribe completely.


Once you have all these tips down you are ready to write emails that will see CTR and engagement rates soar – now learn all about an email sequence you can implement right now on the MBM Let’s Grow Podcast

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