How I Increased Client Web Sales By 300% In 30 Days

How I Increased Client Web Sales By 300% In 30 Days

Are you getting the traffic to your site, but the leads are not coming in or the sales aren’t being made? One of my clients was in a similar situation. They were getting the traffic, but the users simply weren’t converting. The odd sale would come in, but that was it.

That’s when they contacted me. 

Do Potential Customers TRUST My Client?

If Not, Why Not?

Without trust, you won’t have people parting with their hard earned cash.

It’s as simple as that.

Look At The Customers Purchase Process

My clients website was visibly old and extremely clunky. I knew within 5 seconds it didn’t fill me with joy or trust, and entering my payment details was a definite no-no (even more-so that these products cost hundreds of pounds). Within 5 seconds I had found one of the first things we needed to work on… bringing this website up to scratch with competitors and other ecommerce stores.

It was key the website was transformed into a friendly and reliable user experience, where customers TRUSTED the website (and the business) to handle their money and get their products to them safely and efficiently. Updates were made to the website layout, fonts, colour scheme, functionality and ease of use. Admittedly, this was quite a big upgrade to make, but it was 100% needed and once complete, instantly made a difference. 

What do other people think?

There wasn’t ANYWHERE on their website or on their social channels that showed proof of any other customers. To a stranger looking in, it wasn’t clear that anyone had ever experienced purchasing through my client. Instant turn off. 

So, we put together an email marketing campaign with incentive, targeting previous buyers and encouraging them to leave reviews for the website and Facebook page. As simple as that, and it worked a treat! 

Monitor online presence

It was clear there was no consistency with social channels either, and no knowledge or experience was being displayed through the content. I put together a social strategy that my clients could use moving forward, which looked to increase their output of relevant content and create hype around their products encouraging website users and pushing them to start their customer journey. 

That ONE question opened up a range of improvements the client could make easily and quickly with my support, and within 30 days of things kicking off their website generated a 300% increase in sales within 30 days. Sometimes small changes can make a big difference. 

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