Online Marketing Strategy Creation & Support

Why are so many businesses spending their marketing budget in the dark? 


Let’s stop that right now. 


Far too often I ask businesses if they have ever written a marketing strategy. They tell me yes – great! However 9 times out of 10 it turns out their marketing strategy is a document stored in the back of the computer (that takes them 10 minutes to find) which was written when the business first started trading and identifies their short term and long term goals.


Although an excellent step in the right direction, a marketing strategy shouldn’t JUST identify your short, medium and long term goals…  A marketing strategy is the top layer, and should also contain marketing campaigns which tell you exactly how you’re going to achieve these goals through actions and channels. Your campaigns are the building blocks that make up your strategy. 


The design of a marketing strategy should go all the way down to the customers level. Infact, businesses that have a strategy for customer-journey management are known to increase their return on marketing investment by 53%! Not to forget the upsell and cross-sell opportunities that come as a result of this too. 


When are you going to reach your customers? How are you going to reach new markets and turn them into customers? Where are you going to find them? What are you going to say and do? This is customer level.


I help businesses create new (or build upon their current) marketing strategy and campaigns. I work to identifying and create solid customer journeys through strategies and funnels that will take your audience from complete stranger through to paying customer.

  • You Receive

    • Initial Consultation
    • Analysis of current strategy or situation
    • Market and customer research
    • Funnel creation for customer journey
    • Identify best practice software and digital tools required
    • Identify micro-opportunities throughout customer journey
    • Content analysis
    • Owned media campaign creation
    • Paid media campaign creation
    • Templates and spreadsheets
    • Website audit & recommendations
    • Document format delivery

  • Optional Add-on

    • Full set up of softwares and systems

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