Facebook Advertising

One of the most commonly used methods of advertising is Facebook Advertising, and for good reason. With over 2 billion people on Facebook, the platform has grown to be an extremely powerful tool for businesses.


Facebook allows businesses to precisely segment audiences through locations, age, interested, behaviours, likes and so much more. This means that businesses now have the opportunity to advertise to people with things they WANT to see, and drive down their Cost Per Coversion (CPC) rates too.


I help businesses build sound Facebook Advertising funnels, before setting up the campaigns, ads and audiences to run. I carry out split testing and will always ensure your money is being spent in the best possible way to get you RESULTS.


  • You Receive

    • Goal setting
    • Funnel creation to your budget
    • Facebook Pixel install (if required)
    • Custom audience creation
    • Campaign and ad creation
    • Ad monitoring
    • Ad updates, tweaks

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